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June 26, 2010
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Oil Spill by KikaiSaigono Oil Spill by KikaiSaigono
Please read about the charity art auction I'm doing about this piece in my journal HERE: [link] All the proceeds from the auction will be donated to help the wildlife victimized by the oil spill!!

In a perfect world, such as in the world of Disney, this oil spill would never have happened. What better way to wake people up then to show their most beloved characters tormented by the oil spill as well?

Tthere are REAL animals dying out there, real people getting sick. I wanted to draw something that left an impact on people, that made them think. This idea has probably been used before, but all the better. Others can get this idea out there too, then.

Every day there are THOUSANDS upon HUNDREDS of thousands of gallons of oil freely spilling in to the ocean from the exploded oil rig. Eleven crew members lost their lives when it ignited, and thousands more animals have died.

A few days ago, a dolphin was spotted in distress on the beach in the gulf, and passerby rushed in to the oil-infested water to it's aid. They brought it on shore so it could breathe, tried cleaning all the oil off. Even though they tried their hardest, the small, baby dolphin died a few minutes later, desperately gasping for hair, but the oil fumes were in it's lungs.

How many more countless marine animals and those that hunt them must die before BP gets off it's lazy ass and does something? They don't seem to be doing ANYTHING to plug that oil up. If it comes down to it, I'll get a roll of duct tape and do it my damn self. (Joking, of course, as that's not physically possible, but anything is better than just watching it spill out.)

If you would like to help clean up BPs mess while they sort their priorities out, you can help in SEVERAL ways:

-Volunteer for a local organization that helps animals in distress, especially those on the gulf that are affected by the spill

-Buy Dawn dish soap. every bottle you buy gives a donation to help clean up the spill!

-Write a letter to your local congressman about what you think should be done about the spill, and how you can end offshore drilling

-Donate to the NRDC: [link]

-Follow the relief effort on facebook: [link]

-Write letters to your community, hold rallies, do anything you can to let people know about how BP skipped safety procedures and cut corners just to save money! Read more about how they ignored safety here: [link]

-Cut your hair! Guys, this is so easy! Donate your hair or your pet's hair to the oil spill relief. It will be used to help soak up oil. Read about how it works here: [link] and donate your hair here: [link] Go to a local salon, ask them if they will donate. anything works!

-Participate in my art auction, where 100% of the benefits from the successful auction will go to the NRDC Oil Spill Relief Fund! Read more about it here: [link]

-Participate in the Animation Art auction, where all the proceeds will go to the relief fund as well! (Thank you ~RajaJugaro for the link!) : [link]

Please help to keep something like this from ever happening again!
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wait is that... FLOUNDER!!! why is he outa water?
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Lizalot Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2011
It's funnt how this oil spill matters so much when there was another one like it in Britain just a few weeks later.
Sorry, but.. how do you know BP isn't doing anything? just because the oil is taking a long time to fix, doesn't mean they aren't taking action in some way.
KikaiSaigono Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2011  Student General Artist
this was a long time ago, hun.
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